Schwinn Sting-Ray And Krate Bike Facts

It was the mid 1960's in Chicago and something big was on the horizon. It hit us fast and hard. Back then, Schwinn Sting-Rays and Krate bikes invaded the American culture with a vengeance. These two wheeled wonders soared to the top of the charts before you could say uncle. Baby-boomers all across America were making their mark on the world. Our day was just beginning. Look out world, here we come!

What is it about these cool street riders that makes them still sought after well into the 21st century? Let's explore this phenomenon. 

In the late 1950's and early 1960's "muscle cars and motor cycles" were making quite a statement on the streets across America. They were being tricked out with fancy paint jobs, wide tires and fast engines. The movie "American Graffiti" depicted it perfectly. The cars were super cool! The young drivers were so desperate for the thrill that they had to experience it for themselves.

In an effort to bring that cool to the teen and preteen generation, kids out west mimicked those motorized wonders by customizing their own personal bikes with high-rise handlebars, low-rider seats and slick tires. They created super cool street rides of their own. Their efforts didn't go unnoticed. Someone was watching!

In 1962, Schwinn's engineer, Al Fritz, traveled west to California to check out this exciting and growing trend. Al was so inspired by what he saw that he decided to create a bike that complimented those styles. And so he went back to Chicago and hit the drawing board.

The Sting-Rays

Al wasted no time putting his ideas in motion. He started with a strong 20" Schwinn quality bike frame, fabricated a sleek new banana-style seat and cool high-rise handlebars, labeled it with the trusted Schwinn name and thus, "The birth of the Sting-Ray".  It was fantastic! Schwinn was onto something big and boy did it pay off!