Healthy Living For Children

Childhood obesity is a growing problem in the United States today. One out of five children are obese and the numbers are continuing to grow. Lack of activity and an improper diet are mainly to blame for this alarming epidemic. Hereditary factors represent a small portion of the cause.

The average child spends approximately four hours a day watching TV. As computers and video games become more popular, the number of hours of inactivity increases even more. The flooding of the market with new innovative gadgets and games gives our children many excuses to stay inside. It is our responsibility as parents to get them outside and instill healthy habits into our children.

With all the advances in electronics these days, we all scramble to the stores to acquire that latest craze in the industry. Is that latest version Nintendo game in control of your child or is your child in control of the video game?

Set some rules for your children by limiting the time spent playing video games or watching TV. Encourage them to get outdoors for some physical activities. Take them to the park and throw a ball or  Frisbee with them. Riding a Schwinn bike is a good way to get the blood pumping and get into shape. Getting them outdoors helps them to develop stronger relationships with others and promotes better self-worth.