100 Years of Schwinn

Schwinn has dominated the bicycle industry and redefined two-wheeled transportation over and over for more than a century. Schwinn is an awesome example of the freedom we have in America. Their success, quality and innovative designs are a testament to free enterprise and what has made America great.

Of course there are many good bicycle brands available on the market from all around the world, but nothing has captured the heart and soul of so many and for so long as Schwinn. Now with that said, it's no wonder Schwinn is on the first page of the Google search results for "bicycle".

What's a die-hard Schwinn enthusiast to do? You know where I'm coming from. You can't get enough of the classic vintage innovative wonders that are a result of the famous Schwinn Brand Bicycle Company. Just the word Schwinn does something inside of a true Schwinn enthusiast. When you're thinking bicycles, you're thinking Schwinn. Now let's explore the many avenues one might take to get the Schwinn experience they desire.

Schwinn Vintage Bicycles are definitely high in popularity among collectors. From the early no-name bicycles at the turn of the century to the many famous Schwinn's of the 20th century, Schwinn has always come out on topside. 

There's the Aero cycle from the 30's, the Phantoms of the 40's, Cruisers from the 50's, the ever popular Sting-Rays of the 60's and 70's followed by Road bikes, BMX bikes and English racers. What an impressive first 100 years! 

The eBay website is a great place to find vintage Schwinn's. Check out the many Vintage Schwinn's available for you to see on eBay. If you are particularly fascinated with Sting-Rays, you can also look over their impressive line-up of Sting-Rays on eBay.

Reproduction Schwinn Bikes were made in the mid 90's through the 2000's and are a great way of getting the vintage experience without having to restore and spend a ton of money. The first reproduction bike made was the Schwinn Black Phantom in 1995 celebrating Schwinn's 100 year anniversary. Others that were produced are the Schwinn Panther Beach Cruiser and Schwinn's Sting-Ray Series including the well sought after Krates. 

New for 2013 commemorating 50 years of the Sting-Ray is the first all chrome frame, the "Fritz 50 Sting-Ray." Schwinn designer, Al Fritz, who designed the first Sting-Ray joined together with Schwinn early in 2013 to design the "Fritz 50 Sting-Ray." Only 500 were made. Sadly, Al Fritz passed away in May 2013.

These reproduction bikes are true to the originals but consist of updated components. The popular stick-shift on the Sting-Ray models is omitted and replaced by a thumb shifter on the handle bar. Many of these and other Schwinn Bikes can also be found on eBay.

Looking for a new Schwinn bike? Schwinn is still in the quality bicycle building business and has many new models to choose from that are competitive in today's market. They have many popular models and one of them is calling your name. 

Choose from road, bike path, cruisers and more. Some 2011 models available are the single speed Schwinn Madison Road Bike for a great ride without the gears. Then there's the new stylish World Market Bike that is very easy to ride. Another classic is the Schwinn Sierra 21 speed with smaller wheels (for those of smaller stature). For cruisers Schwinn has the 700c Nancy Cruiser that is a fun ride (great for picnicking, etc). Check these out in the following video along with Schwinn's brand new design Tango Tandem for those who like to share the ride.

Schwinn offers basically two lines of bicycles. One is the high end line of bicycles featured on their own website and sold through specialty bike shops as mentioned above. These are the Signature bikes that Schwinn is famous for. This is where true seasoned Schwinn bike enthusiast go to snag their next ride. 

The other is a pocket friendly line of lower quality discount bikes offered through mass-merchandisers such as Wal-Mart, Sears and Kmart. These are suitable for the average or not so serious rider. But remember, you only get what you pay for.

Visit a Schwinn bike shop in your area and have a knowledgeable bike professional fit you to your new Schwinn.

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