How many colors made Up The Schwinn Krate Series?

The popular Schwinn Krate bikes were produced from 1968 until 1972. Originally, the Krate bikes were offered in 6 colors. The first three colors were introduced in 1968. They were the Orange Krate, the Apple Krate (Red), and the Lemon Peeler (Yellow). These three continued to be available for all five model years. The Pea Picker (Green) was introduced in 1969 and continued for all remaining model years. The Cotton Picker (White) had a 2 year run in 1970 and 1971. The rarest of them all was the Grey Ghost which was produced only in 1971. Only 6 colors made up the Original Krate collection.

In 1999 Schwinn introduced their reproduction Krates which ran through 2006. These Krates were pretty much true to original specs except the popular stick-shift was excluded and the five speed Shimano shifter was a more efficient updated version. Anyway, back to the color issue. In addition to reproducing the original 6 model Krates, they added another model which Schwinn never formerly produced, the Grape Krate (purple). So all in all there are 7 colors that make up the complete existing collection of Schwinn Krate Bikes.

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