Schwinn Cruiser-The Softer Side Of Life

Tired of the fast pace of every day life? What better way to enjoy the world around you than to go for a nice relaxing ride on a genuine Schwinn Cruiser bike. It’s the perfect remedy to break free from the daily grind, allowing you to crack a smile and enjoy life’s softer side.

You don’t have to go fast to experience the joy of riding a Schwinn Cruiser bicycle – unless you want to. Schwinn Cruisers are strong and dependable and feature plenty of eye-catching colors and clean lines to get you around in style. And with their classic balloon tires and cushy saddle seats, they are sure to provide you with a soft, comfortable ride.

 Vintage Cruiser
Schwinn cruiser bicycles were first built during the Great Depression and remained the most popular cruiser for three decades. Who wouldn't love the classic look of these Schwinn cruisers? It's a no-brainer. Personally, I enjoy riding in my own neighborhood with my wife and daughter. It’s a great way to keep active, relieve stress and meet people in the community. 

Maybe you like the sandy beaches and the ocean waves in the off-season. Schwinn’s beach cruisers are a great way to experience the beauty of our shores in a more relaxed and controlled atmosphere. Many beach resorts offer cruiser bikes for rent while you visit. Why not take the family for a fun vacation or just a weekend.

Cruiser bicycles have found there way back into the hearts and lives of people everywhere. The vintage classic styles of yesteryear bring back memories of the good old days and simpler times.

 1960 Schwinn Panther II
The Schwinn Bicycle Company has been producing comfortable quality cruisers longer than anybody else. With all the styles and options to choose from you are sure to be wowed. 

From the vintage cruisers of the 30's, 40's and 50's to the retro cruisers of today, Schwinn has you fitted for a memorable experience. Choose with or without fenders, single speed, 5-speed, 7-speed, 10 speed, springer fork and so on. Schwinn has the perfect cruiser for you.

Wherever you choose to take that autumn, spring, summer or even winter adventure, one thing’s for sure. On your Schwinn cruiser, you will definitely experience – The Softer Side Of Life.

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Featured Cruiser Bike

Schwinn Men's Claremont 7-Speed Cruiser Bike 18"

Cruiser bike with Classic Schwinn  steel frame 
Cruise the streets this summer on your Schwinn Claremont bike featuring a cool retro frame outfitted with seven speeds assisted by a SRAM Grip Shifter and Shimano rear derailleur. The Claremont also features fenders and a rear rack so you can carry groceries, gear, or a picnic lunch. The cruiser frame and handlebars offer a comfortable riding position with a padded saddle seat for a soft ride and alloy rims and brakes for easy rolling and stopping. 

Also check this Schwinn Women's Sanctuary 7-Speed Cruiser. Comes in a nice soft blue color and a lifetime warranty for as long as you own the bike.


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