Dutchman's Invention: The 3 In One Electric Treadmill Bike

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One of the latest cycling innovations, the electric walking bike, has come to the United States. Bruin Bergmeester, the inventor from Europe, custom built the walking bike in his home on evenings and weekends. After sitting down inside at work all day, he wanted to find a way to get outside into the fresh air and get beneficial exercise at the same time. So he found a way to combined a treadmill with a bicycle for practical outdoor exercise. The first two-wheeled electric treadmill, called the Lopifit, is available in the Netherlands, the Middle East and now, the United States.

    With The Electric Assist, It Takes No More 
Effort To Walk Than A "Walk In The Park"
The Lopifit's electric motor has a maximum range of 55 km or 34 miles with a display bar to show the battery status. According to the website: The Lopifit is a totally new way of moving. With the electric assist, it takes no more effort to walk than a "walk in the park". The electric assist in combination with the adjustable multi speed gears is boosting your walking pace up to the speed of a regular bike. 

The Lopifit comes equiped with an advanced Shimano Nexis transmission, LED lighting, a powerful Quantum electric motor and a convenient luggage carrier. It is built with a strong steel frame and is available in six colors.(Black, Royal Blue, Orange, Fire Engine Red, Silver, and White). 

Bruin Bergmeester:"Lopifit started as a small
idea when I was training in the Gym. How can
I use the treadmill outdoors? What about a
treadmill on wheels? So from my living room
I started to make my first Lopifit and took my
exercise outdoors. Even my wife loves it!
When you are walking on the Lopifit you push the treadmill backwards with your feet. A sensor registers the movement of the treadmill and gives a signal to an electric device which will activate the motor. The motor now supports you to continue the walking movement. Using the brake will shut off the motor immediately. If you are going downhill, a free wheel function is activated.

 The Lopifit Comes In 6 Colors.
Black, Royal Blue,Orange,Silver,
Fire Engine Red and White
Like it or not, the Lopifit is doing quite well for itself. If the Lopifit fits into your lifestyle, you can find it in one of these three world locations. Check out the Lopifit on the website closest to you.

  1. Lopifit The USA
  2. Lopifit The Netherlands
  3. Lopifit The Middle East
When and if the Schwinn Bicycle Company incorporates a treadmill bike into their product line, you will see it here on Schwinn-Go Bicycle And Fitness.

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