Fitness For Busy People

Being health conscious in everything we do can go a long way in our personal strive for a healthy body. There are many ways that we can promote good health and fitness throughout our everyday busy schedules. Our days consist of numerous duties and responsibilities. We have children to care for and chores at home that need to be done. Full time jobs with a lot of hours and overtime doesn't leave much time, if any, for exercise regimens or going to the gym. At our jobs we can incorporate smart exercise fundamentals as we work.

As laborers, being smart on how you perform your various physical activities can give you some of the benefits of working out at home or at the gym. It will take a little time and creativity to mix a workable fitness program into your daily activities but the reward is a healthier body, more energy, and a better self esteem.

Before you get to work, make some simple changes that increase activity like avoiding the elevator and taking the stairs. Ride a bike to work if you can. Park at the far end of the lot and walk a little more(as long as it is safe to do so). If your job is not too far, you can walk or jog to work.

When working at a desk, try to get up and move around to keep the heart pumping. Take a walk on your lunch break. Get away from the desk for a while. Throw in some stretches two or three times a day while at your desk. The point is to get as much exercise as you can without having to schedule a separate time for it.

If you have a more physical job, you can add some strength training to your exercise plan when lifting items at work. Remember to always lift with your knees to protect your back and prevent injury. One thing I do at work is load the 16 pound bags of ice. I drop the bags to break up the ice and I do squats as I lift each bag of ice and place it in the display case.  I get a nice workout when I do this and I can feel it in my legs and arms.

While doing household chores, make it a sport and find ways to have some fun with it. Vacuuming, dusting, cleaning windows, scrubbing floors, mowing the lawn, raking leaves, pulling weeds, washing the car and going to the market are all opportunities to improve your health. Have a positive attitude and look forward to the finished results. Staying active is one good way to give your body the feel good enzymes it needs and avoid feeling depressed. Also, having an active lifestyle can greatly improve sleep at night and even prevent insomnia.

If you have children you can include them in your quest for a more fit lifestyle. Take the kids on a nature hike. It can be a real workout and loads of fun too. Go bike riding with your children. When you take them to the playground, don't just sit on the bench and watch, get involved and play with them. Go ahead and climb that sliding board. It'll do you good. Go jogging with your baby using a jogging stroller. I hear Schwinn has baby bicycle trailers that can also be used as a jogging stroller. The opportunities to keep fit with your children are endless. Be creative.

Taking care of our body is our responsibility. No one is going to do it for us. Finding the time outside of our busy schedules can be almost impossible at times. I hope these common sense health and fitness tips will be a start to a happy and healthier you. Happy Fitness!

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