Have You Considered The Total Gym?

Total Gym 3000

Achieving good health comes easy for me when I use the Total Gym. The Total Gym is used by triathletes, Olympians, pro baseball players and pro basketball players. They use it because it works and they get results.

The Total Gym 3000  has given me great results and in the last three months I've lost about 25 pounds and have more energy. Everything Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley have said about the Total Gym is true. Yes you can get a total body workout by using the Total Gym. The Total Gym saves me lots of time and I can get a great body work out in about 20 to 30 minutes a day. I like the Total Gym because I can get a good workout without straining my back and it’s a space-saver too. You can easily fold it up and place it under a bed or put it in a closet. If you want to be trim and fit, you can do it on the Total Gym. If you like Pilates workouts, you can do them on the Total Gym. If you want a body builders shape or muscular buffed shape you can do it all on the Total Gym.

I have had my Total Gym for about 12 years and it has always been fun to use. My Total Gym 3000 is very well built. It can handle weight up to 300 pounds and it still works like new.  The Total Gym takes no time to get use to, and once you learn the routines, it is very easy. I love working out on the Total Gym more than any other type of work out I have ever done. My wife loves to use the Total Gym to keep her body tone. I work out on the  Total Gym 3000 every other day. For the shape I have people think I put much more time into my work outs then I really do. I do many different exercises- arm pullovers, seated row, squats and butterflies- that target upper, middle and lower muscles groups. While you do the arm pullovers or squats, you can throw in some crunches to work the abs.  And it can be fun! Make the best of your life...and have fun doing it.

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