Unicycle Club or Circus-Which Is It?

Schwinn 20″ Unicycle

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This 20" Schwinn Unicycle
Improve your balance while enjoying a whole new exercise experience on a unicycle. Schwinn has been manufacturing their unicycles for about four decades. If you would like to venture into the unique art of unicycling, the Schwinn 20 Inch Commuting / Touring Unicycle is the smart choice.

Based on the original design and updated with current technology, it features a 3 piece cantilever design for superior strength. It is very attractive with chrome forks and a 20x1.75" white wall, classic brick tread design tire with a steel wheel. The Schwinn 20 Inch Commuting / Touring Unicycle is just right for 9 year old's to adult.

The safest way to learn unicycling would be to join a Unicycle Club. There are Unicycle Clubs all across the country and throughout much of the world. Do a search here "Google search on Unicycle Club" to find a club near you. So, if your up for the challenge and want to try something extraordinary, unicycling is definitely in the running.

Leagal Disclaimer: If you do try unicycling, keep in mind that injuries can happen and that we recommend wearing all of the necessary safety gear which includes, but is not limited to, a helmet, wrist guards, knee pads, elbow pads, gloves, and shin guards. Unicycling is a fun and challenging skill that maybe should be left to skilled individuals, clowns and other professionals. It is not recommend that everyone try unicycling. It is a very difficult and dangerous skill that should be taken on with extreme care.

Getting Started On Your Unicycle

How To Go Forward

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