Are You Considering Clipless Pedals?

The Shimano American Corporation has been providing quality bicycle parts since 1961.

About Shimano

With the popularity of the 20-inch wheeled bikes and the high rise handlebars (mostly Schwinn), there was a great demand for multi-speed hubs. Shimano was producing an affordable and reliable version that caught the attention of the industry. Since then, Shimano has been producing quality drivetrain parts for bicycles including these clipless pedals. The rest is Shimano history.

Why Clipless Pedals

Shimano has been making clipless pedals since 1990. Clipless pedals have a cleat acceptor and are used with Shoes that have cleats affixed. Their main benefit is that they keep your foot in the best position for power to the pedal, meaning more of the pressure from your legs is going straight to propelling the bike.

One advantage of clipless pedals is that you can pull up when you pedal and can manage your cadence (the rate at which you pedal), more efficiently. By pulling back straight in the bottom of your pedal stroke (like you are scraping something off the bottom of your shoe), you can keep your cadence smoother and more efficient. Clipless pedals (like well-adjusted toe clips) allow you to do this without pulling your foot off the pedal.

Shimano M324 Clipless Pedals, Combo Platform and SPD

There are many choices of clipless pedals but I particularly like the  Shimano Combo Platform. The benefit of the Shimano Combo Platform is you can ride on the flat side when in heavy people/vehicle traffic, then clip into the pedals for a powerful open ride. The Shimano M324 Clipless Pedals are not as light as the cheaper pedals of this type, however, the SPD attachment is top quality and wont break. The outer area of the pedal is very strong steel. The pedal’s alloy core is colored exactly like the LX group which has the strongest materials. These pedals have the same theme as a trekking/touring bike. These pedals work perfectly all the time and are designed to last at least as long as a bike or two.

Accessing the platform side is a bit easier. Instead of flipping it or “scuffing” with your toe, you can just pedal “around” and set your foot right down on it when it’s up. This is a bit faster than typical, so it’s possibly less distracting in city traffic. Also, the SPD attachment is quite strong, so if you happen to mash down with a sneaker, there won’t be any damage to the pedal. This may be the only “combo pedal” that you’re able to flip while going up a steep hill.

As for the weight (1.5 pounds each), this might be the one SPD pedal that makes your knees feel better instead of worse. The somewhat extra weight adds a beneficial flywheel effect to the pedals which can make it easier to spin a faster cadence. That’s quite good for training yourself to do well. It also matches up with the intent of the trekking/touring group in facilitating an easier lasting approach to a long distance ride.

Browse Amazon’s selection of clipless pedals for a wide range of pedal choices. Be sure when considering clipless pedals that you match them with compatible cycling shoes.

Browse Amazon’s selection of Shimano Cycling Shoes.

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