Three Wheel Recumbent Cruiser-Really?

The only  recumbent trikes I use to see were those odd bulky looking contraptions with the chain-drive protruding forward out past the two front wheels. Looks a bit dangerous to me. (Watch out, chainsaw coming!)  
The Very Popular Rover
Terra 2 Speed Recumbent Trike
Sells for $899

All kidding aside, these odd-looking recumbent trikes are becoming quite popular. They are designed mainly for long rides on the street or trail and for serious competition. But they are quite expensive. If these are what you're looking for, click on the pic to the left. I hear they have great reviews. Pictured is the highly sought after Terra 2 Speed Rover Recumbent Trike

 MoBo Triton Ultimate 3 Wheeled Cruiser
 On Sale for $319

On the other hand, while journeying through cyberspace, I came across these cool looking three-wheeled recumbent cruisers, in particular, the Triton by Hammacher Schlemmer. I watched a video of them in action, and I must say, they look like a lot of fun. 

The Triton is less expensive than the Terra type and has a classic tricycle look with a unique, simple steering mechanism that gives you total control. And, being a recumbent, you pedal while sitting down with your back fully supported for a pain free ride. 
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The Triton is easier to look at and very easy to operate. It has a front flywheel drive mechanism with less mess than the chain-driven cruisers. Its’ flywheel mechanism lets you coast when you want and has caliper hand brakes for guaranteed stopping power. 

With its' simple design you can achieve an easy and fun exercise or a great cardio workout. And it's the only recumbent cruiser available with reverse gear. With its' strengthened steel frame construction, it is built to last. 

Some may think the Triton three-wheeled recumbent cruisers to be a bit extreme. But if your seeking an "out of the ordinary" ride that is stable, pain-free and fun, the Triton is just right. Comes in child sizes too...

Watch the Triton in action!

Where To Buy
The Hammacher Schlemmer Company is located in NY, New York, so it’s nice to know these three-wheeled cruisers are American made. Hammacher Schlemmer has a 162 year history of producing quality products. They make a number of these three-wheeled cruisers available for all ages. So if you’re the nonconformist type who likes unconventional designs, the Triton is tailor made just for you!

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