Can Good Mountain Biking Shoes Make A Difference?

Professionals in any field use the best tools available in order to do their jobs as well as possible. While a lower quality tool may do the job acceptably, having the best tool means the job gets done right every time. There’s no failures, no questions and no slips. Time and time again, you can rely on the best tools for the job. When you’re a professional athlete, or simply want to compete at the highest level possible, you want the best tools as well. And if your sport is mountain biking, that includes every part of your bike, your helmet and even your mountain biking shoes.

To gain a competive edge, you invest in the best bicycle frame available. You invest in the best gears because they’ll give you a competitive edge. You get a competitive edge by investing in the best tires. If you make the same investment in quality when it comes to your shoes, you could have another competitive edge. Your competitors are making that investment which would give them the competitive edge over you if you don’t. You will be well served investing the same amount of time educating yourself about biking shoes as you have educating yourself about the best equipment.

Shimano 2-Bolt Cleat
Micro-adjust Buckle
Professional cyclists have mountain biking and road biking shoes specifically designed just for them. They not only have the advantages that the usual tennis shoe/sport shoe don’t have, but they are also comfortable. The main difference between them is the lacing system. While you may not think that’s important, stop and think how often you have to stop and readjust your shoes, untying them and retying them so they feel right on your feet. Your performance will be affected by ordinary lacing systems that often stretch and are affected by water, dirt and other debris.

Shoes with a single line, locking lacing system aren’t affected by anything. Your shoes won’t need any adjustments if you use stainless steel laces. You can turn a single point adjustment wheel that locks into place until you release it to tighten your shoes. Once you get the athletic shoe laces tightened where you want them, they stay on until you’re ready to take the shoes off. There’s no adjustments, no stretching or shrinking and no changes due to weather or getting wet. You are good to go after just one time. Check out your shoes and see if you can’t do a bit better so you can have one more edge over your competition.

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