The Right Schwinn Tire

Are you having trouble finding the right size tire for your classic or vintage Schwinn bike? If you are, you’re not alone. Schwinn had some of those difficult to fit tires. Schwinn had a different rim/tire sizing system where rims were sized S-5, S-6, S-7 and so on. Standard American size tires wont work on the Schwinn’s English style rims.
I know it’s very frustrating to attempt to mount your tire only to realize that it doesn't fit. It's the wrong tire! So before you buy any tires for your Schwinn bike, you need to do your research first.
Schwinn had proprietary sizing. Sheldon Brown has an excellent article on tire sizing complete with a chart on his blog. Most, if not all of Schwinn tires carry a sub designation of S-x and you have to use that sized tire for that particular rim. Read Sheldon Browns’ “Tire Sizing” Article.
eBay is a great place to find tires and many other rare Schwinn items. Try finding Schwinn Tires on eBay now. You may be pleasantly surprised. I know finding the right Schwinn tire can be an exhausting venture.  For more information on Schwinn tire sizing, check out the Old Bike BlogI hope this post has given you the information you need to dissolve some of the stress involved in your search for that hard to find Schwinn tire..

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